Swanstrom offers two handle styles

Traditional handles are for working in restricted areas and/or customer preference. Handle width in closed position for Size 4 and 5 tools - 2.0"

Longer, high leverage, double ergonomic handle curvature and length will disperse and minimize pressure to the hand. Closed handle width on Size 4 and 5 tools is 1.75"; Size 6 is 1.95"; Size 7 is 2.13". Special additional extended handles are available. Contact our sales office for further information.

Ergonomics considers attributes and characteristics of people (their bodies, hands, eyes and minds) in designing tools so that people and tools work most cost effectively and safely - ergonomically - together (Human Engineering). In this approach to work, the cost of users' labor and fringe benefits including workers compensation, and the quality of the users' products and potential rejects rates are far more important than just the cost of tools and tool maintenance.

  1. Proper service of existing tools minimizes the forces necessary on any hand. Swanstrom services all brands and styles of cutters, pliers, and tweezers. See our reconditioning page for details.
  2. Size, weight and handle opening should feel comfortable to the operator. Every gram translates to additional ergs of effort for your people. Smaller people, in general, prefer smaller tools. Swanstrom's offers the broadest selection of handle forms in the industry. Wider joints mean stronger bodies, better bearing and greater jaw rigidity for longest functionality.
  3. Edge type is extremely important. Hardness of wires may dictate standard bevel, but when soft material is used, a super flush cutter jaw will function with about half the effort required for a bevel or flush cutter, while minimizing wire pinch and spike and potential shock damage to the leads or components. Super flush cutters wear faster, but that cost is usually offset by other ergonomic and shock reduction and low spike advantages. Swanstrom edge-cut choices include: shear, near shear, .010 bevel, .005 flush, .002 full flush, and .000 super flush.
  4. Soft Touch™ static dissipative foam handles distribute pressure smoothly to the hand and dissipate static electricity slowly to protect components.
  5. Wider handles facilitate operator pick up and distribute (reduce) squeeze pressure over a wider area of the hand.
  6. Leverage and tip control are maximized and operator effort minimized when the shortest jaw lengths are specified - such as our S402E cutter or S108E plier.
  7. Soft touch double action stainless leaf springs minimize hand forces and pressures. They are permanently welded in place and can be adjusted to the operator's desired feel. (See Tool Adjustments page.)
  8. Tool head and tip shape choices permit a wide range of hand and arm positions with maximum visibility at the point of cut. Swanstrom oval designs are strongest. Taper slims are most versatile but weakest at the tips. Angle end cutters and curved noses should be evaluated before the need to incur the additional cost of special handles. (Consider Swanstrom's S491E angled end cutter, or S242E curved nose plier).
  9. Anti-glare finish prevents visual fatigue. Swanstrom Super tools are furnished with this beautiful black ergonomic finish which also resists corrosion.
  10. Custom designed tools are justified in certain applications. Swanstrom engineers, makes, and sells such tools. Call 1-800-287-8872 to discuss your general or unique needs.

Static dissipative foam handles do not protect from electrical shock. Do not use on live electrical circuits. Cut wires or broken tips may fly causing eye injury.