Hand Tool Reconditioning

All Styles and Brands • Fast Service • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Basic Service Includes:

  • Thorough cleaning to remove damaging particles, even inside the joint.
  • Precise joint adjustment brings dull edges back into line.
  • Careful honing restores cutting edges without loss of temper.
  • Complete repointing gives you precision tips, higher leverage.
  • Polishing inhibits corrosion and makes your tools look as good as they will work.
  • New springs give faster action.
  • Static dissipative foam handles reduce fatigue, add comfort and are ESD safe.
  • Cleaning and lubrication guarantee longer tool life.
  • Demagnetizing eliminates unwanted material pickups.
  • A final testing insures that each tool meets your requirements.
  • Quick return by UPS of all tools to you within 2 weeks.

You Save:

  • Well serviced tools increase productivity.
  • Quality improves with precise cuts and smooth loops, product, reject rate drops.
  • Tool costs are reduced - 30% to 80%
  • Inventory costs for hand tools is reduced.
  • Operator fatigue is reduced by using well serviced tools. This helps to minimize Workers Compensation claims.

Satisfaction is guaranteed up to the full price of the service charged for tool reconditioning. We will service again or credit account accordingly.

Dimensions of points and tips will be as near to new as practical. A modest sacrifice of jaw length and handle opening is normal and depends on condition of the tool as received. Joints, edges and points will be as good or better than new. Unrepairable tools (determined by Swanstrom) will be returned no charge. Some unrepairable tools (with your approval) may be replaced - serviced from our supply of Swanstrom work-in-process tools at a minimal cost of new tool replacements. Particularly clean handles and good springs may be retained; larger orders of such tools may be serviceable at negotiated lower rates. Payment terms: Net 30 days. Freight terms: F.O.B. Superior, WI. Minimum orders: $75.00

Pricing for established industrial accounts only

Net Cost



Diagonal cutters, nippers, angle end cutters, cutting tweezers, long nose pliers with cutters (Swanstrom)


Diagonal cutters, nippers, angle end cutters, cutting tweezers, long nose pliers with cutters (other brands)


Cutting tweezers


Cutters with lead catchers (if parts available)


"M" series cutters


Carbide cutters (Swanstrom)


Carbide cutters (other brands) * Note: Non-Swanstrom carbide cutters can only be reonditioned one time each


Stamped Micro and Macro cutters


Long nose and needle nose pliers (no cutters)




Tweezers w/Foam Grip


Pneumatic Cutters (Swanstrom)


Pneumatic Cutters (Other)


Carbide pneumatic cutters


Simple strippers (Miller, Ideal)


Screwdrivers, probes, punches




Regular tin snips