Our History

Learn More About the History of Swanstrom Tools!

1890: Our History Begins

1890: Andrew and Frank Swanstrom open a blacksmith shop and wagon works in DuluthMN.

1908: Diamond Calk

1908: Diamond Calk is founded in Duluth, MN. The company goes on to invent and patent special horseshoes and calks to be used on horses when transporting lumber from the deep woods of Northern MN. Eventually, the company will change its name to Diamond Calk Horseshoe Company.

1917: WWI Era

1917: During WW1, Diamond supplies US troops with picks, shovels, spades, and barbed wire cutters.


1920: Diamond becomes the second American company to manufacture adjustable pliers.


Diamond receives the esteemed Army-Navy “E” Award for quality and delivery performance during WWII.

1958: Diamond Tool & Horseshoe Co.

1958: The company name is changed to Diamond Tool & Horseshoe Co. The company will go on to be the largest employers in DuluthMN for many years to come.


1969: Diamond Tool receives the GSA Vendor Certification Award.

1983: Swanstrom Tools USA

1983: Jack Swanstrom, the former president of Diamond Tool, founds Swanstrom Tools USA  after Diamond Tool was purchased by an outside party. All of Diamond’s manufacturing operations are closed in Duluth, but many key individuals with years of experience were excited to join Jack on his new endeavor.

1987: Swanstrom Ergonomic Super Tools

1987: Swanstrom Ergonomic Super Tools are introduced. This line of tools will prove to be the backbone of the Swanstrom Tools legacy.


2002: Jack’s son, John, takes over as president of Swanstrom Tools when Jack passes away unexpectedly. His forward-thinking, unending drive propels the company into the new century.


2009: Swanstrom Tools purchases American Ed-Co, an industry leader in the manufacturing of steel safety lockouts.


2011: Swanstrom Tools revolutionizes the industry with the introduction of the M-Series line of tools


2016: Swanstrom Tools partners with Jokari and now offers Jokari’s full line of wire strippers. This further expands Swanstrom Tools offerings in the industrial market.