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About Swanstrom Tools

Generations of expertise is what has led Swanstrom Tools to be the proven industry leader in the manufacturing of precision cutters and pliers. What started as a horseshoe company in the early 1900s has evolved into a hand tool company that continues to provide cutting edge solutions for the most demanding applications and the most sensitive users. Today, Swanstrom Tools manufactures precision cutters, pliers, and tweezers for the medical device, injection molding, electronics, avionics, and jewelry industries. We also have a line of pneumatic cutters for your automated processes. And we continue to expand our offerings to the industrial sector with additional products such as wire strippers and safety lockouts.

All of our tools are proudly manufactured in Superior, Wisconsin. Over the years, our proprietary manufacturing process has been massaged into a world-class operation that is unmatched in the industry. All of our operations are completed in house, from hand forging to heat treating to custom finishing. Having control over all of the manufacturing functions provides us with flexibility in production and engineering, allowing us to continue to move the hand tool industry forward with the most innovative solutions in the market.

We know that no two cutting applications and no two users are the same. We offer an extensive selection of different size cutters and pliers for different mediums and different cutting edges. And we offer a variety of optional features to make sure users are not only using the best tool for their application but also using the best tool for their hand.


Made in the USA